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If you or someone you care about needs addiction counseling in Morris County NJ, New Pathway Counseling Services has the resources and tools to help. At New Pathway we concentrate on holistic rehab. This means that we look at the complete picture of each person we work with. This will lead to a deeper healing and addiction recovery that is going to be more long lasting. Addiction counseling that only focuses on the most obvious symptom of addiction, but does not address the deeper-down causes which resulted in the problem taking place, is not very affective in helping individuals maintain addiction recovery that will be long term. We’re able to help individuals evaluate and deal with the emotional roots of their addictions as part of our services for addiction counseling in Randolph Township NJ.

Addiction Recovery Rehab Randolph Township NJ

Healing the damage that addiction is capable of causing to adults, teens, and families alike is something which the team of committed professionals at New Pathway is capable and experienced at assisting with. There are a broad variety of ways that substance abuse is capable of taking a substantial toll on not merely an individual’s own life, but their relationships as well. We address the damage that comes as a result of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both at New Pathway, in addition to addressing the problem itself. The effective program for early intervention for addiction in Morris County NJ we are able to supply is proven effective in terms of helping make sure teens avoid developing a true substance abuse disorder. This is an eight week program consisting of group sessions. Teens can meet with peers who also are experiencing addiction’s early stages.

Holistic outpatient Rehab Morris County NJ

We specialize in holistic addiction rehabilitation in Morris County NJ at New Pathways. These programs include Qigong, which is a mind-body therapy. Qigong is an exercise practice that is comprised of meditative movements, which help improve the ‘chi’ within the body. The ‘chi’ is the body’s own inner energy which heals one from the daily stresses and deeper emotional stressors which are capable of leading to an addiction issue. Qigong helps to balance the chi, and improve the body’s capability of recovering from stress, and remain centered. New Pathway assists individuals in finding new means of dealing with the issues which they might have once turned to drugs or alcohol to avoid with practices like Qigong. For holistic rehab in Randolph Township NJ, contact New Pathway immediately. Get in touch with New Pathway immediately when you or somebody you care about is in need of a holistic rehab program in Randolph Township NJ.

Outpatient Addiction Rehabilitation Program Randolph Township NJ

New Pathway additionally offers outpatient addiction rehabilitation in Morris County NJ in addition to holistic practices and early intervention programs. For individuals that find themselves dealing with addiction, outpatient rehab is often the best solution. This is because they’re able to quickly apply what is being learned in counseling to day to day living. Outpatient treatment is capable of addressing the requirements of each individual. Psycho-social treatment, individual, and group psychotherapy are therapies are included in our addiction recovery rehab program. To both assist individuals dealing with addiction to apply the coping mechanisms they’ve learned to social interactions and learn from other’s experiences with addiction and learning to overcome it, working both individually and with a group is capable of being extremely beneficial. Providing a safe environment for individuals to share their addiction experiences is the aim of our addiction group program. This is a very helpful initial step since it can provide individuals with a space to learn new coping mechanisms for depression, anxiety and additional issues. You or someone you know can obtain the support needed to heal and move on from addiction thanks to New Pathway Counseling Services. Give us a call at New Pathway Counseling Services for an outpatient addiction treatment program in Randolph Township NJ or any of the other services we offer.

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