Early Intervention Group Treatment Program

Early Intervention Group Treatment Program

All forms of substance abuse, whether the addiction is to alcohol, drugs, or both, take a significant toll on all aspects of an addict’s life. At New Pathway, our addiction treatment specialists work with adults, teens, and their families to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Sometimes adolescents may recognize that they are starting to lose control of their lives due to substance abuse, but they have yet to fall into long-term patterns of addictive behavior. At New Pathway Counseling, we have developed an effective, evidence-based Early Intervention Group Treatment Program that gives teens the skills and tools they need to avoid developing a full-blown substance abuse disorder. Our eight-week addiction early intervention program consists of group sessions with peers also experiencing early stage addiction issues.

Our Early Intervention Group Treatment Schedule

Each group treatment session focuses on educating teens about addiction and teaching them the skills to halt the progression of their substance abuse issues. The topics covered in each session are outlined below:

This session addresses the facts and common misconceptions about addiction by discussing the statistics, addiction as a disease, the progression through stages of addiction, including the development of tolerance to drugs and alcohol.

The goal of this session is to assist teens in developing an understanding of    the short-term and long-term consequences. Special focus is given to resisting the peer pressure and the need to gain social acceptance in the present in order to avoid the long lasting consequences associated with abusing alcohol and drugs.

The group participates in experiential exercises to expand and refine verbal, decision-making, and assertiveness skills.

The group discusses the development tasks, such as individuation, autonomy, separation, and cooperation, that teens need to master to function successfully as adults.

The group reviews the importance of staying active for a healthy, full, clean, and sober life.

The group discusses the ways to establishing positive relationships with caring adults and peers by finding positive activities, achieving school related goals, setting personal goals independently, and the importance of pro-social peer groups.

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