Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Improve your focus, Discover your purpose, Live your Dream!

In order to be happy, our physical and psychological, needs for self-esteem, friendship, and love must be met. We also need variety, change and challenge in our lives. We tend to be accustomed to a certain manner of living, but then become bored with it, so we search for new interests. This seems to explain why some people who “seem to have everything are dissatisfied and why others who are successful are driven to do more“. We all need balance. The key is to make satisfaction our goal instead of happiness. What is most important is a sense of purpose.

If you want to change your direction in life you must change your self-talk. It’s time to get focused! This program can change your life. Learn how to eliminate negativity, overcome fears, restore relationships, and stop procrastination and unwanted behaviors.

Four Steps to Overcoming Problems

  1. Acceptance: Life is difficult. Successful people are not people without LIFE PROBLEMS
  2. Let go of NEGATIVE thoughts: Negative thoughts create dissatisfaction. Every persons intelligence is expressed in thought, which shapes itself into beliefs. Your mind, body and spirit are made up of your beliefs. “as a man believes so is he”
  3. Have faith in your desire to acquire: The basis of all growth is desire, and desire is the “motor” of every effort. Act the part you wish to play in life. Register healh, prosperity and happiness in your mind daily.
  4. Increase Spirituality: Open you mind in order to open the door to spirituality.

You must be prepared to meet and overcome obstacles and roadblocks. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, be prepared to make sacrifices, and most of all, be prepared to change!