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Train Your Mind. Test Your Body. Lift Your Soul.

SOARFIT: The Flight Manual for Addiction Recovery

Created by Dr. Frank Mattiace—Executive Director of New Pathway Counseling, retired professional football player, and a coach and counselor who has battled back from addiction—the SOARFIT model has proven to be an effective treatment for addictive disorders.

SOARFIT was designed help reduce internal conflict and create personal harmony by incorporating breath, bodywork, and mindfulness into your daily routine. By actively working this program, you will decrease emotional dysfunction and increase self-confidence, self-discipline, motivation, and balance—all of which promote wellness and support your recovery. Think of it as a workout for the brain, body, and spirit.

Be inspired, find purpose in your life, and live in sync with your spirit. No matter how injured or broken you are, you have the capacity to break the dysfunctional process of addictive thought patterns and eliminate negative distractions that impede your recovery efforts. Enjoy the journey; learn to connect to the greatest tool you have: yourself.

Are you ready to SOAR? This is your flight manual for addiction recovery. Get ready to train your mind, test your body, and lift your soul.

“My journey does not define me. I am what I choose to create.”

-Frank Mattiace, PhD

The key to your recovery belongs to you.

Types of Treatment

  • Early Intervention
  • Outpatient Treatment Services
  • Partial Day Treatment
  • Goal Setting
  • DBT Integration
  • Holistic Programs

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