Outpatient Opiate Detox

Outpatient Opiate Detox

Are you struggling with addiction to pain medication or heroin? We have a solution that will help you. By integrating the most effective Medically Assisted Outpatient Treatment we stabilize and restore our clients to fully functioning productivity.

To ensure your success in treatment, we offer a specialized clinical consultation with a Board Certified Physician.

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When abused, pain medication and heroin, which are referred to as opiates, cause long-term changes in the brain. Therefore, if an opiate addict suddenly stops use of the drug, without medical supervision, experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms is likely. Some reactions the body may have as a result of the opiate deprivation include:

Since opiate withdrawal is painful and unpleasant, those addicted to pain medication and/or heroin often abandon their recovery attempts. However, many do not know there is another way to escape the pain and suffering associated with opiate withdrawal – Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT replaces the pain medication and/or heroin with Suboxone. Through the use of these pharmacological interventions, as many as 90 percent of opiate addicts are able to abstain from the drugs they abused.

SOARFIT: Recovery Treatment Offering Holistic Healing for Opiate Addiction

While opiate addiction leads to change in body chemistry, those dependent on pain medication or heroin also develop:

At New Pathway, our multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals, under the leadership of our Board Certified Physician work with our clients to develop and implement an individualized and comprehensive addiction recovery plan. Our team focuses on healing opiate addicts physically, emotionally, and spiritually using some or all of these evidenced-based treatment interventions:

If you or a loved one are ready to begin the road to recovery from pain medication dependency or heroin addiction, or need confidential answers to questions about substance abuse treatment, contact our caring and compassionate addiction treatment professionals at New Pathway by calling 201-436-1022 today!