Partial Day Treatment Program

Partial Day Treatment Program

All forms of substance abuse, whether the addiction is to alcohol, drugs, or both, take a significant toll on all aspects of an addict’s life. At New Pathway, our addiction treatment specialists work with adults, teens, and their families to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Sometimes adolescents with significant addiction issues, especially those with development disabilities and/or co-occurring psychiatric issues, require treatment that is more intensive than traditional outpatient services, but not as restrictive as an inpatient substance abuse program. New Pathway Counseling’s Partial Day Treatment Program meets the needs of these teens by providing multidisciplinary addiction treatment for five hours a day, five days a week. This program provides adolescents with an enhanced level of substance abuse treatment while allowing them to remain in the community with their family.

Addressing the Needs of Dually Diagnosed Teens

As our approach to educating adolescents with substance abuse disorders, developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disorders must change, so does our methodology in handling an ever growing population of at-risk students who are unable to access the proper support. Professions who work with these teens need to place increased emphasis on the complex issues involved in the diagnosis, education requirements, and success of students with co-occurring addiction and behavioral health issues.

New Pathway Counseling and its SOAR program are the solutions for students who are prone to addiction, considered a brain disease, with clear biochemical, genetic, psychological and social-environmental determinants.

Historically, the educational world and the behavioral health model have had markedly different philosophical orientations. Consequently, these two entities have been separated and now a host of students has no real comprehensive strategy for stabilization, placement, or reintegration to the mainstream school setting.

New Pathway believes in an integrated approach that must be provided within the context of a compassionate, holistic setting, which fully respects the dignity and worthiness of every student.

The Purpose of New Pathway Counseling’s Partial Day Treatment Services

The primary objective and purpose of our partial care services is to support, enhance, and encourage the emotional development and the development of a teen’s life skills to maximize their individual functioning. These services preserve and improve current functioning, strengths and resources so the adolescent resolves their substance abuse issues and learns to manage their developmental disability and/or psychiatric symptoms effectively.

The Goals of Our Adolescent Partial Day Treatment Program

Primary Goals

The main goals of New Pathway Counseling’s Partial Day Treatment Program is to stabilize adolescent whose addiction and/or co-occurring disorder has led to the teen failing to meet his or her obligations at home and school as well as in social settings and the community. To ensure family and community involvement and support to optimize the adolescent’s chance of success in the program, our multidisciplinary team communicates and coordinates services with the teen’s family and natural support system. Depending upon the needs identified during the teen’s biopsychosocial assessment, our treatment interventions address the underlying causes and symptoms related to the adolescent’s substance abuse, emotional discomfort, effects of medication, coping skills, and daily living skills.

Secondary Goals

The secondary goals of New Pathway Counseling’s Partial Day Treatment Program include the following:

The Elements of Our Partial Day Treatment Program

Flexible Thinking Fosters Independence and Mastery of Self

The unique component of New Pathway Counseling’s Partial Day Treatment services is our trademarked SOAR program [INSERT LINK TO PAGE ON WEBSITE]. New Pathway utilizes therapeutic recreation and physical fitness to increase self-esteem, confidence, structure, discipline, and motivation, to enhance reparation of mind, body, and spirit. In addition to traditional outpatient interventions, the SOAR Partial Day program includes:

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