SOAR 2: Sober Outreach Athletic Resource

SOAR 2: Sober Outreach Athletic Resource

soarfit2_atheletic_adults_programAll forms of substance abuse, whether the addiction is to alcohol, drugs, or both, take a significant toll on all aspects of an addict’s life. At New Pathway Counseling, our SOAR 2 addiction treatment specialists work with adults and their families to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits.

The Sober Outreach Athletic Resource (SOAR 2) program is a unique addiction recovery program for adults that promotes sobriety, health, and fitness.

The guiding principles of the SOAR2 program are as follows

The SOAR 2 Program Structure and Components

The SOAR 2 program follows a continuum of care model in which patients participate in services, based on their Individual Program, at the level of intensity needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. Typically, adult addicts begin in our intensive outpatient treatment program and then step down to individual, family, and group therapy sessions. All addicts are encouraged to stay involved with services through our relapse preventions program.

Based on the findings of the individual’s comprehensive initial assessment, the addict and the SOAR addiction treatment professional develop an Individualized Program Plan containing all or some of the following services:

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