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When you or someone you know and care about need addiction counseling in Rockland County NY, contact New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. to find out about the types of programs available. At New Pathway, we approach the problem of addiction holistically, which means treating the person as a whole, and not just their addiction. Developing coping methods, communication skills and emotional skills is important to avoid turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with problems. This is the reason when you visit one of our specialists for counseling different types of psychotherapy are provided. To live a more stress free life and deal with addiction issues once and for all, check out New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. if you need an addiction recovery program in Suffern NY.

Addiction Treatment Program Rockland County NY

New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. offers an addiction rehab program in Rockland County NY that gives people with addiction the chance to share their experiences and learn from others who have gone through the same thing. Speaking with other people who understand what they’re experiencing is something a lot of individuals who struggle with addiction find comfort in. The group can provide support and feedback throughout the process of recovery, and interacting with others in this setting is able to help members of the group develop social coping skills and processes which might have been lost through abuse of drugs or alcohol. This program is designed to assist individuals in overcoming their drug or alcohol addictions, while additionally developing the required skills to be successful in a career and in social life without being dependent on harmful substances.

Holistic Addiction Rehab Program Rockland County NY

The expert New Pathway counselors believe in treating the individual as a whole due to the fact that we’re a leading choice for a holistic addiction rehab program in Rockland County NY. We believe in doing much more than only eliminating alcohol and drugs from a person’s life and getting to the root of the problem which led them down that path in the first place. Often, trauma or underlying emotional issues are capable of being the cause of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. An individual won’t be able to develop better healing and coping methods when they’ve been trying to overcome or numb the problem by relying on drugs or alcohol for a significant amount of time. When overcoming addiction, the first stages are difficult as a result of the fact that the individual doesn’t have the necessary tools to cope without relying on their chosen substance. However, through holistic rehab, he or she will be capable of working to develop new coping methods while overcoming his or her addiction. In the future, individuals are going to be less likely to turn to addictive substances to deal with their issues as a result of the long term solution these important skills supply.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Rockland County NY

At New Pathway Counseling Service, Inc. we additionally provide a program for early intervention for addiction in Rockland County NY. Catching young adults and teenagers who are just in the initial stages on an abusive relationship to drugs and alcohol, this is a very helpful and effective service. When people take advantage of this program they’ll discover the have the tools they need to stop an addiction problem early on before it takes over their life even further. You have a chance of living a happy, healthy life, free from addiction and the terrible effects that it has been having on your life thanks to New Pathway’s outpatient rehabilitation in Rockland County NY.

Types of Treatment

  • Early Intervention
  • Outpatient Treatment Services
  • Partial Day Treatment
  • Goal Setting
  • DBT Integration
  • Holistic Programs

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