Are You or Is Someone You Love Suffering from Addiction?

Mindset Matters
"I believe self confidence is a skill, you can learn to believe in yourself, in order to accomplish any task in the face of adversity or obstacle." - Dr. Frank

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Types of Treatment

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Adult Programs

The SOAR FIT program was created to provide a positive, sober, goal-oriented environment where adults will develop social skills, coping strategies, independence, and mastery of self. The program enables individuals to balance their lives, achieve positive self perception, and self acceptance.

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Adolescent Programs

Addiction takes a significant toll on all aspects of a teen addict's life. Our SOAR program is a family-centered intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program for adolescents. We combine physical exercise with therapeutic interventions designed to give teens tools for lifelong sobriety.

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Outpatient Recovery

Outpatient addiction treatment is a strong option for those with addictions so they can practice what they learn in their real world environment. Our team of addiction treatment professionals offer a range of outpatient services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

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Outpatient Detox

By integrating the most effective Medically Assisted Outpatient Treatment we stabilize and restore our clients to fully functioning productivity. To ensure your success in treatment, we offer a specialized clinical consultation with a Board Certified Physician.

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